Fixed IP UK 4G data-only SIMs

Our Fixed IP SIMs are available on the Vodafone network on either 30 day or 12 month contract terms and on the EE network on 12 month terms.

Initial data allowance

2GB, 5GB, 10GB, 20GB, 40GB, 100GB

Bolt-ons available

2GB SIM – 2GB bolt-on and above
5GB SIM – 5GB bolt-on and above
10GB SIM – 10GB bolt-on and above
20GB SIM – 20GB bolt-on and above
40GB SIM – 40GB bolt-on and above
100GB SIM – 40GB bolt-on and above

Vodafone Fixed IP SIMs can only be barred and unbarred in working hours and so can take up to 48 hours. EE Fixed IP SIMs can be barred instantly.

Additional charges apply for out-of-bundle data usage.