Protection & Recovery

Enter-at highly recommends that everyone takes computer security and recovery seriously.

This is why Enter-at have teamed up a number of vendors to offer a comprehensive package for protection and recovery.


It is easy to over look protection on your devices, even mobile phones at risk that is why we have teamed up with Sophos. Protection for all of your devices from phone to server, tablet to PC and Mac. Most have heard of the following

Anti Virus

Anti-Virus will detect and hopefully remove those nasty virus files once detected, and not all Anti-virus programs are the same.


A system that monitors and controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules


Enter-at is a Sophos partner and all solutions offered make sure they don’t get there in the first place by providing you the right level of protection. Please look at are section on Protection to learn more.

Recovery & Business Continuation

As for data recovery we offer an array of services and solutions.

In this digital age there has never been a time to make sure that your files are backup and when hard drive failure happens you can recover them.
The solutions provided by working with our partners this enables us to offer you complete backup protection across multiple platforms.  For our business customers we can extend this service to offer Business Continuation should you fall victim of a Ransomware attack or suffer hardware failure.
Not only that we can also recover files which have been accidentally deleted from hard drives and flash media.

Please look at our section on Data Recovery to find out more.