Software make devices run but has often been a part of the reason something has gone wrong, viruses, mis configuration or simply not sure what you need.


Is your device running slow or not at all but you don’t know why? Enter-at support service will look at the device first before we diagnose and quote for the repair.

Faults result from viruses, installed OS corrupt, installed OS mis configured.

Let Enter-at support give your system the TLC needed and get you running again.

Virus removal we’ll remove it and leave you protected see our section on Data Security & Protection


Not sure what software you need, we can recommend and install. (We can not practically list all available software on the website so please call us for more information. 01869 220280)

Software Licensing conformance.  Make sure your licensed correctly.  With our list of suppliers and partners such as Microsoft we can make sure your software is correct, up to date and further more licensed correctly.

Recent increases in pirated software, has seen an increase in virus and malware outbreaks.
Pirated software could cost you more or why not speak to Enter-at first to see how we can help. An offical software license won’t cost the earth. With many companies now changing how they charge so you even save money.

We know that correct licensing is important and we are here to help. Call us on 01869 220280

Need that software same or next day, then give us a call 01869 220280 We can arrange for direct download straight to your computer.