Backup & Data Recovery

In this digital age there has never been a time to make sure that you backup files. So if you get hard drive failure you can recover them.
Enter-at provides a solution by working with our clients to define their needs.  This highlights what type of solution, furthermore enabling the correct adaptation for them.  With loads of options out in the market place how to decide? Enter-at will take you through a process to enable you to make the decision.


With a number of software partners Enter-at can enable you to have the right solution for your needs. Enabling complete backup protection across multiple platforms.backup

From single file backup to complete systems with storage both local and offsite.
The main question to answer is how do you want to recover.  Local, from Cloud or restore to Cloud for a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution

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Accidentally deleted a file? Virus or Malware caused file lost?
Data recovery from the backup is an ideal way of starting your recovery but what if you don’t have a backup.  Due to the oversight of not having a backup you might think all is lost. However Enter-at can recover files which have not been included on a backup.  From Hard drive or flash media get your files back.

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Business Continuity

As every business knows, the need to make sure you can continue to work in event of a disaster, is the difference between recovery and well, failure.  Failure of hardware could result in a few days of outage as replacement parts or ordered in and fitted to the effected machine.  Even worse that email with the funny attachment has unlocked a CryptoLocker attack also known as Ransomware.  The problem with Ransomware is the criminal how released it in the first place may of not tested the honest part of the attack and the unlock procedure may not work so even if you pay the ransom your files could still be unusable.

The Business Continuity Solution from Enter-at is to provide an ongoing backup solution which replicates out to the cloud.  When the disaster strikes your business can continue to work from the same point in time as the last good backup.  For small businesses this means the difference between survival and falling off the map.  Harnessing the power of the Cloud you could be up and running in minutes able to carry on, giving your IT team or person the time and tools to get your main machine or machines working again.

Please read our guide and get in touch to find out how we can help you protect yourself against it.

Guide to CryptoLocker