Data Security & Protection

Security for all of your IT devices is always an on going mission that is why Enter-at uses Sophosafeguards as their preferred security provider.
Also Sophos has adopted the End User approach to licensing and not the amount of devices being covered. Making costs more affordable.


As with any security product it is important to know that you are Secure.
By using Sophos, Enter-at can help make your devices fully protected and there is support around the clock. Endpoint Security AV_outline-01From file to full disk encryption, without Windows BitLocker.

For more information on how Enter-at can protect your devices or for a quote to see how much you could save if you are thinking about changing your product(s).

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It doesn’t matter if you are a home user or a large business you need protection. Protection from ePureMessage_outline-01xternal attacks or a virus from an infected USB flash drive.
Enter-at has the solution from Sophos. Next-Gen Prevention, taking a new approach to protection. Sophos Endpoint blocks malware and infections by identifying and preventing the handful of techniques and behaviors used in almost every exploit.

Sophos Endpoint doesn’t rely on signatures to catch malware, which means it catches zero-day threats without adversely affecting the performance of your device. So you get protection before those exploits even arrive.
For more information on this please view the page Sophos

Protecting a business where everyone uses more than one device for work, and they use them from everywhere. From the CEO’s iPad to the test engineer’s virtualized server—got it covered. So you can stop counting devices and start counting savings.

You get this all from a recognized leader in complete IT security.
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