Hosted Unified Communications

Cloud based business telephony that drives successimg-synergy-features-devices

Our VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony offers big benefits to your business. Much more than just an award winning phone system, our cloud based solution provides a ‘mobile office’ with powerful collaboration tools – a hosted unified communications platform that supports organisational flexibility, efficiency and success.

  • Ease of use – It can be accessed and controlled from anywhere using devices including phones, PCs or tablets. It can be configured and updated at the touch of a button, so you get a solution that quickly meets your changing needs. And being, hosted, you don’t have to maintain levels of technical expertise in house.
  • Cheaper calls – Calls between all users on the service are free of charge and calls to mobile and img-synergy-features-desktopclientinternational numbers are considerably cheaper than usual.
  • Reduced cost – Introducing UC applications like audio conferencing saves the time and cost otherwise spent on travel. Convenient rental avoids the need for investment in infrastructure, systems or equipment, with savings of up to 60% achievable over legacy kit and lines.
  • Reassuring reliability – Hosted UC is run on a dedicated next-generation network, offering built-in quality of service, security and resilience.
  • Flexible working – You can issue employees with ‘one number’, instead of separate mobile and fixed lines, which enables them to work from different locations, including home, but still be part of the overall communication service.

Features include:

Additional Line Call Pick Up Personal Contacts
Alternate Numbers Call Return Phone Services
Anonymous Call Rejection Call Transfer (Consultative & 3-Way Conference) Push to Talk
Answer Confirmation Call Waiting Remote Office
Authentication Calling Line ID Blocking Selective Call Acceptance
Automatic Call-back Calling Line ID Delivery – External Selective Call Rejection
Basic Call Logs Calling Line ID Delivery – Internal Sequential Ringing
Call Barge-in Exempt Calling Name Retrieval Shared Call Appearance 5
Call Director Client Call Control Simultaneous Ringing
Call Forward Selective Comm Pilot Express Speed Dial 100
Call Forwarding Always Directed Call Pick Up with Barge I Speed Dial 8
Call Forwarding Busy Distinctive and Priority Ringing Three-way Call
Call Forwarding No Answer Do Not Disturb Toolbar
Call Forwarding Not Reachable Hot Desking Guest UC Office for Smartphone
Call Hold (Inc.  Flash) Hot Desking Host Video  Calling
Call Notify Intercept User Voice Messaging Inc. Voice Portal Calling
Call Park Last Number Redial Voice Messaging to email with text

 Hosted UC grows as you grow, start off with one phone for a single user and expand as you grow with multiple phones, lines and extensions.  Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and see how Enter-at Hosted UC can help your business keep costs down.