Virtual Private Servers

VPS are the perfect solution for advanced web sites, app’s and programs looking for increased flexibility, power and control, without the cost of a dedicated server. Our Virtual Servers are ideal for web designers, developers, small businesses and agencies demanding cutting edge VPS technology at a great price.vps

Dell & Intel hardware
Out of band SSH access
Free online control panel

Full root access
Host multiple web sites
Advanced monitoring tools

UK VPS hosting Features

All our VPS use the latest Dell and Intel hardware for maximum performance and uptime and come with full root access as standard for maximum control and flexibility.

As well as fantastic technical specifications, our UK VPS come with these great features:

No over crowding

We never over crowd a server or over sell any resources, which means you get exactly what you have paid for, and no less. No matter what is being run on the server, our virtualization technology makes sure the ‘private€™ in ‘virtual private server€™ means something.

Online control panel

Take control of your VPS with remote switch off/ restart, uptime monitoring, bandwidth charts, server status, and more. Add Plesk or cPanel to your VPS for even more flexibility and functionality.

Multiple web sites

Host multiple web sites with your own virtual server, and using cPanel or Plesk allocate resources on a web site by web site basis.

Dell & Intel inside

All our virtual private servers are genuine Dell Servers built specifically for virtualization. This ensures you get the best possible performance from your VPS all day, every day.

More than web hosting

Use your VPS for more than hosting your web site files, or to complement existing resources. A virtual private server is a great choice as a gaming, database, file, video, FTP, mail, anything you can think of server.

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