Connection Voucher Scheme – suspended

News recieved about the Connection Voucher Scheme

The funds available to the Scheme are close to being fully committed and it has now become necessary to suspend the Scheme.

If you are still intrested in connecting your business then please get in touch, although the scheme is suspended there are still connectons available at prices everyone can afford.

Ofcom Mobile Coverage Checker

Ofcom has created an online tool that lets people see what kind of mobile coverage they should be getting.

The coverage map is based on data provided by mobile operators as well as Ofcom’s own testing of signal strengths around the UK.

The webpage has gathered data about the quality of voice calls as well as 3G and 4G data.

The watchdog said it was seeking feedback to fine tune the map to make it more accurate.

Data congestion

“Access to reliable mobile phone coverage used to be a ‘nice to have’,” said Steve Unger, Ofcom’s chief technology officer in a statement. “Now it’s essential to many people’s lives.”

The map-based system can be searched via postcodes, or visitors to the page can simply zoom in to a location.

Coverage strength is given for both indoors and outdoors. In addition, the map provides information about geographic features, such as valleys or hills, that might mean signal strengths are lower than expected.

Ofcom said the coverage the map showed might not be the same as that seen on operators’ websites because it amalgamated data from phone firms – each one of which used slightly different methods of measuring signal strength.

If a phone was being used in a busy area this might also affect a person’s experience as congestion might limit data rates to an individual handset.

Ofcom added signal strength and available services can be changed by the handset that someone uses.

If people were getting very a different service to that seen on the map, Ofcom said people should provide feedback so the data can be updated.

Summer Holidays – Competition Time

At the start of the school summer holidays we are all looking for activities to keep our children entertained and adults to keep their sanity.  So here’s a chance to keep everyone busy.

From Monday morning until 11pm Friday 25th July submit your entries for a completely new website.

You don’t need to let us know the content just an outline of what you want to achieve and a domain name you would like to use.

From all the entries received the best idea will be offered Free Web Hosting for a year and of course the domain name for their idea (should it be available). All Hosting packages come with IMAP and POP email to get you started.

Go on keep those minds busy and creative.

For more information on some of our hosting packages go to

All entries should be from the UK.

At the time of being offered the prize any additional items such as hosted Exchange or SSL Certificates will need to be purchased at the cost to the winner via their account management page, which will be set up for them at the point of being notified of winning.

Entries to

With your Name

Idea Outline

Domain Name

Contact Details so we can get back to you

Mozilla disables Flash by default in Firefox

Mozilla disables Flash by default in Firefox after Hacking Team documents reveal the 37th and 38th flaws in plug-in this month

Firefox now blocks Adobe Flash by default following the discovery of yet more zero-day vulnerabilities in the browser plug-in.

Two ‘critical’ flaws (CVE-2015-5122 and CVE-2015-5123) have been uncovered in files retrieved during the attack on controversial surveillance tools developer Hacking Team and have yet to be patched by Adobe, which expects to make updates available later this week.

Mark Schmidt, head of Firefox support at Mozilla, announced on Twitter that all versions of Flash were now blocked by the browser until a fix is made available.


Keep Your Computer up to Date

It has recently been in the news that a piece of software on Samsung computers stops Windows from automatically checking for Windows Updates.  This has highlighted a number of concerns from some of my clients and so here’s a checklist I would recommend you do at least once a month regardless of the built-in automatic settings.

  • Windows Updates – these are normally released on a Tuesday but may not have been available when your computer checked for any one ones.  On Windows 7, Vista go to your start menu and all programs and Windows Update should be in the list of programs.  If you can’t fins it try searching for Windows Update or its program name wuapp.exe.  Windows 8 users use the charm bar and PC settings, Update and recovery, Windows update.  Or again search for Windows update or wuapp.exe
  • Anti Virus Software – check antivirus has a different update frequency of when new virus definitions are released but if you open the Anti-Virus program window Update Now should be clearly visible.  I have also found right clicking on the protection icon allows an update now option.
  • Adobe Flash Player – used in a number of internet browsers and if prone to attack as it is so widely used.  Adobe do keep their product up to date and I find the quickest and easiest way to check to see if you are up to date is to go to

Hopefully this will keep you more secure, as always if you are in need of help please get in touch.


From time to time we all look at charity and try to decide if and how much we should give….

Well this year the decision has been made to support Tourettes Family although not an offical charity they are doing there best to raise awareness and remove the taboo around Tourette’s.

From their website you can find links and information to learn more and also offer your support.  The site is a real family who have decided well in their own words

“This page is to bring together many elements of living with Tourette Syndrome. These elements will range from the facts and science behind the condition to the creativity and talent born from individuals diagnosed with the condition. The site is born with an aim to raise awareness, to bring people together, to inform, to share experiences and to celebrate the awesome fact that life does go on and can be absolutely brilliant.”

It’s really worth having a look.

Hosted Phones – A New Way is Coming

Watch this space…. In the next few months we will be making changes to our hosted phone system.

You still get a full hosted phone system as you would in a physical PBX but it will now be easier to have a full UC solution which can be managed locally by you.  Need to leave the office mid call well you can transfer it to your mobile without missing a word.

More details to follow.

Fusion Approved Installer

We have now registered and have been approved as a Fusion Approved Installer.

This means that by using all Fusion products on our installs, once completed and tested we can back up the installation with a 25 year warranty.

Giving that extra peace of mind for your investment on your structured cabling system.