Keep Your Computer up to Date

It has recently been in the news that a piece of software on Samsung computers stops Windows from automatically checking for Windows Updates.  This has highlighted a number of concerns from some of my clients and so here’s a checklist I would recommend you do at least once a month regardless of the built-in automatic settings.

  • Windows Updates – these are normally released on a Tuesday but may not have been available when your computer checked for any one ones.  On Windows 7, Vista go to your start menu and all programs and Windows Update should be in the list of programs.  If you can’t fins it try searching for Windows Update or its program name wuapp.exe.  Windows 8 users use the charm bar and PC settings, Update and recovery, Windows update.  Or again search for Windows update or wuapp.exe
  • Anti Virus Software – check antivirus has a different update frequency of when new virus definitions are released but if you open the Anti-Virus program window Update Now should be clearly visible.  I have also found right clicking on the protection icon allows an update now option.
  • Adobe Flash Player – used in a number of internet browsers and if prone to attack as it is so widely used.  Adobe do keep their product up to date and I find the quickest and easiest way to check to see if you are up to date is to go to

Hopefully this will keep you more secure, as always if you are in need of help please get in touch.